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The Five Best Ways You Can Use Publicity To Get Free Advertising For Your Small Business

Let’s face it. The world of having your own small business is tough. Expenses are large, and often, revenue and cash flow are not. So the entrepreneur in the small business world always has to find ways to be creative in how he or she markets and advertises, with the goal of finding new local customers and better ways to increase local sales. It is an added bonus for the business owner when publicity comes his way. Hopefully it will be positive in nature, and more than likely, it will be free. The key to making this work for you, the small business owner, is to develop ways to generate positive publicity about your small business, and therefore, increase your cash flow. There are several different ways this can be done, and with a little work and steadfastness on your part, you will find a way to turn local small business publicity into a profitable venture for you and your family.1. Become a Feature StoryOne of the easiest ways to generate a little bit of talk about and interest in your small business is to invite a local newspaper, magazine, or news channel to feature a story about you and your company. This should be of no cost to you other than some persistence in calls to get someone interested in your tale. These types of publications and local news shows are always looking to feature someone from the community who has a success story or some advice to offer to others, and if you can find just the right angle to catch and interest readers and viewers, then they will love to publish your story for free. On-air interviews, via television or radio, also work well as this gives local viewers and listeners the opportunity to see or hear with whom they would be working if they were to patronize your business. This type of publicity is free and advantageous to all parties involved, and can typically help your business locate new customers and hopefully spark new interest in the services that you have to offer.2. Become Active in Your CommunityIf you are not already, look for ways to get your voice heard within your town and neighboring communities. Any time you have a public forum in which to speak, you must do this. This is an absolutely free way to get your name, face, and name of your business out there and to get people talking, and you may even be compensated for your time by whomever it is holding the event. Local Chambers of Commerce are always hosting programs at which they love having small business owners attend and speak, as do Rotary Clubs, schools of many varieties, and possibly even churches and other places of worship. Speaking at these types of events is an easy and often quite profitable way for a small business to get some publicity, and in turn, free advertising.3. It’s the Small Things That CountHow many times have you been driving down the road these days and seen vehicles painted or emblemized with a company logo? We see that every day and often, those things really stick in our heads. What an easy and cheap way to advertise for your small business! This type of publicity draws people in, and is a great way to advertise your company logo, phone number, and even web address. Make everything you do a way to advertise for your small business. Wear company T-shirts, put your logo on your car and your laptop, but get that name out there and exposed to the public.4. Use the InternetThis sounds easy enough, but you would be surprised at the numbers of small businesses that are not taking advantage of the Internet and the multiple small business Internet marketing tools that are available to them. Many on-line forums will allow you to join the group and give you space for free introductions. This is a great chance to work your company name in and have it introduced to a brand new group of people.
You Tube is available for free video for your company, and networking in general is just so important. Once you establish some contacts, offer to have a link established on your website to others if they will return the same favor to you. This is a win-win situation for all who are involved.5. FreebiesBe willing to give a little of your time. Offer free estimates, customer referral plans, and other such incentives that will encourage more and more people to support you and your small business venture. Furthermore, make sure that you get yourself and your company listed in any free local directories that are available.The small business world is tough, but manageable, with the usage of these five simple tools that can help create a buzz about your business and provide publicity and free advertising. Of course, advertising is so important in the business world, and if you utilize these things along with your paid ads, your business is sure to profit and remain a hit for many years to come.

Best Online Business Ideas in 2013

The truth of the matter is that the best online business ideas are really the most simple. If you are new to online business, or even if you do know your way around a little bit, you don’t want to try and start competing with the likes of Amazon or eBay. These are established online businesses that have massive infrastructure and experience in creating new business models.The secret for the best online business ideas are not to try and invent a new product or service but to find the ones that are most popular and sell them to the people who are looking for them. This business model is known as online affiliate marketing and is a very simple concept. You find a target market of people who are looking for something to help them solve a problem or enhance their life and get them to buy it from you. So, for example, it could be somebody looking to lose weight or somebody trying to find a partner for a new relationship. If you have the right product solution for them at their time of need, they will be more than happy to buy it from you, as you have solved a problem for them.Your task as an affiliate marketer is to find a product that will fulfil the needs of people and let them know that the products is available. When a person buys the product, you get paid a commission by the product owner.Why is affiliate marketing one of the best online business ideas?Primarily, the main reason that affiliate marketing is one of the best online business ideas is that you you do not have any of the overheads that are normally associated with a new business. You do not have to spend time and resource creating a product, that somebody may (or may not( buy. You do not have to buy stock, you do not have to pay rent for any premises, you do not have to fulfil the supply of the product as the product owner will do this for you. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.But, if affiliate marketing is one of the best online business ideas, why isn’t everyone doing it? Good question. The answer is that you do need to learn how affiliate marketing works and have a certain set of skills to enable you to achieve the financial rewards you want.

You have to know the right places to find the best products to sell (hint: try Clickbank, Commision Junction or Market Health).

You have to be able to find the best place to find for customers via paid advertising and free methods.

You have to know how to build a list of potential customers and how to establish a relationship with them so that they trust you. If they trust you, they will buy from you.

You have to understand that the best online business ideas work on the principle that to give is to receive. In other words, you have to provide your potential customers will relevant and valuable information so that they will see you as an authority in your market. If you just constantly try to sell, sell, sell, it will put people off.
The online entrepreneurs who have had the best online business ideas know that they have to invest in their online education. It is possible to have a successful online business, but you do need to take time to learn as you earn.

Latest Fashion Trends For This Year

Everyone wants to look beautiful and step out in style. The fashion trends change from one year to another and thus everyone wants to follow the latest fashion trends. Like every year, you will find a variety of the latest fashion trends for 2012 as well. One of the most noticeable highlight of the latest fashion trends includes the soft colored clothing, especially for girls. You will find them in several styles and designs. Yellow, green, blue and pink are merging as some of the preferred choices. People love these peppy colors.As the concern towards the environment is increasing day by day, a lot of people are also opting for eco friendly items and clothing is no different. Customers are also giving more preference to clothing that is manufactured by eco friendly methods or fabric which is eco friendly. Some of the eco friendly materials that are used for making the clothing pattern are bamboo and cotton.Mixed style of clothing also contributes to the latest trends in fashion. You need to match the color tones of the shirt and trousers you are wearing. In simpler words, the looks of the 80′s is making a comeback. Many stores and fashion designers are offering a great deal of punk dresses of the 80′s. You can pick them to get a stylish look. Flower dresses are becoming extremely popular for girls this year. From skirts to gowns to jeans, there is variety of floral prints available. For girls, these dresses are ideal for the season.Animal prints are making a comeback this year. Almost all the premier fashion stores are selling them. Short skirts are still enjoying their share in popularity. They are available in great designs, sizes and materials. Some of the most popular variations in skirts are tutus, twirls as well as bubbles. Lace styled Victorian clothes are also an important part in the latest trends. This is one of the most sought after dresses among girls.Sometimes people start following the latest fashion trends blindly, not realizing that whether it suits them to north. Everyone has got his or her own personality and style and thus you need to buy clothing that is not only fashionable but comfortable as well. Fashion is something which you cannot get rid of as it helps to enhance your personality. Since it changes frequently, you need to update yourself on the latest fashion trends.

An Overview of Supplemental Educational Services

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) refers to free academic assistance that is provided to qualified students who need help in subjects like Math or English. This additional educational instruction is designed to increase the academic achievement of students in schools that have not met the state’s targets for increasing student achievement. This is known as their Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP. Extra academic help consists of free tutoring outside of regular school hours. Students can receive assistance before or after school, on weekends, or over the summer. Online tutoring companies, community agencies, and private schools are some of the organizations that can gain state approval to offer Supplemental Educational Services.Under the No Child Left Behind Act, low income families receiving free or reduced-price lunch can enroll their children in Supplemental Educational Services if their school has been designated by the state to be in need of improvement for at least three years. No Child Left Behind was enacted to close the achievement gap with accountability, flexibility, and choice. SES provides many students with the opportunity they need to reach their potential and achieve academic success.Organizations that are qualified to provide Supplemental Educational Services are identified by each State Department of Education. States consult with teachers, parents, and school districts to identify a wide variety of SES provider options for students. School districts must make a list of state-approved providers of Supplemental Educational Services in their area available to parents of eligible students. Parents can choose the provider that best meets the educational needs of their child.Supplemental Educational Services providers must meet the comprehensive criteria established by the state to be included on the list of eligible providers. These organizations are monitored by the State Department of Education, and they are evaluated on the quality of services they offer. Providers of SES must demonstrate a record of effectiveness in increasing student academic achievement, and they must give information on students’ progress to their parents and schools. These organizations must provide services that are consistent with the instructional program of their school districts, and with state academic standards. Supplemental Educational Services must be high-quality, research based, and specifically designed to increase student academic achievement.

Entertainment – Casinos

Many people will read this and say, “Casinos, entertainment? How are casinos considered entertainment? All you do is go there to gamble”. Well, yes and no. The truth is, casinos are one of the biggest forms of entertainment for many people and it’s not just the gambling itself.Yes, it is true that for the majority of people they go to a casino for one reason and one reason only, to gamble and win lots of money, though most go home broke. But that’s another story. And let’s be honest, a casino is loaded with tons of ways to lose your money, from Blackjack to Poker to you name it. You can’t walk more than a few feet without bumping into some kind of gaming table. And for some, this would be entertainment enough.But there is a lot more to a casino than just the gaming tables.Take a look around, especially if you are a normal red blooded male. Those ladies walking around serving you your complimentary drink aren’t exactly dressed for the outdoors or the supermarket. Many a man goes to the casino, not so much to drink and gamble but to look at all the barely dressed ladies that are walking around. Miss USA has nothing on some of these women.And yes, there are the drinks too. If you stay at a table and gamble a certain amount of money in a certain period of time, most casinos will comp you a drink or two, meaning you don’t have to pay for them. That may not be your idea of entertainment, but when they start treating you like a celebrity, you feel more than just entertained. You feel like a million bucks, even if you’re going broke.But if real entertainment is what you’re looking for, casinos have that as well. Most casinos are located in very fancy hotels and in these hotels not every room is set up for gambling purposes. There are large rooms where shows are put on, usually featuring some kind of performer. The shows are mostly during certain hours of the night. This way people have all day to gamble and then when they’ve had their fill of the tables, can take in a show.But let’s be honest. If you’re going to a casino for entertainment, you’re going for the gambling. All those other things you can get anywhere else. But that’s what makes casinos so different and unusual. They combine so many different aspects of entertainment into one location. It’s almost like going to a carnival or a circus where you can see a number of different acts and all forms of entertainment. Well, that’s really what a casino is as you have your gambling, the girls, the drinks and the shows. If you get tired of doing one thing there is always something else that you can do, even within the gambling itself. Tired of watching that wheel spin around at the roulette table? No problem. Just head on over to the craps table and get your hands on a pair of dice. The possibilities are endless.Who says casinos aren’t a form of entertainment?

Every Cool Local Business Hangs Out in Google Places, Why Don’t You?

Google Local Search is now known as Google Places, if you are keeping up with the ever-changing brand delineation activities of our Californian friends. Many believe that this change was designed to allow an additional monetization grab by the great Google, but those interested in local search optimization should pay particular attention to this feature, nevertheless.In case you’re unaware of Google Places, this is a graphic that automatically appears whenever you employ geo-targeting within your search query. In other words, if you input “Orlando lawn service” in the search box, the Google Places gadget provides you with a visualization, indicating the location of each featured service provider, together with a clickable link and a description.Here is an example of a new monetization strategy. For $25 a month you can highlight a listing with tags, which will allow you to draw attention to important aspects of your operation. You may be able to insert additional keywords or triggers that other companies, who are not taking advantage of the “tag” deal, cannot.Smile! You are on Google Places!
Here is another marketing innovation from Google. In certain major cities around the United States, Australia or Japan you can apply to the company’s team of photographers, who will arrange a photo shoot of your business. The photographs generated will appear in a specific “place page” where prospects can find out more information about the business in question. As a picture tells a thousand words, this should represent a very valuable service. Demand is very high, though, so be patient.Claim your business “place page” now by going to Google Maps here, entering your business name and when the location shows up, click on the “link” hyperlink in the top right-hand corner.If you want to create your Google Places entry from scratch, you can do so by going here. This will enable you to set up a great deal of information including your operating hours and a number of logos or product photographs, etc. Once you have set this all up, you will be able to log into the dashboard to see how many visits to your site have been generated through local search queries, as a consequence of your Google Places entry. Also, you can copy a two-dimensional barcode, which you can use on marketing materials such as business cards. Smartphones are now equipped to scan the barcodes, which will take them to a mobile optimized version of your Google Places page for instant, fingertip ready information. Pretty neat.

Why Branding Is Good For A Start-Up Business

If you think of the car company or someone says the word of a brand to you, the chances are you are thinking about a red sports car or their respective logo.The images appear instantaneously in your head because branding works on both the subconscious and conscious level. If I say ‘baked beans’, are you now thinking about a tin of baked beans with the Heinz logo on it? I thought so. With this in mind, if someone were to mention a product or service you provide, wouldn’t it be quite wonderful if they thought of your business?Though branding is synonymous with big brands such as Apple, it still has a part to play at the start-up level and this can be done at relatively low cost. It also will not take up much time and you won’t have to invent waffle. In fact the branding element of a start-up business is very simple. Let’s look at a brief history of branding.A Super-fast History Of BrandingThough branding began when farmers started branding their cows to show ownership, branding as we know it today originated during the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Products and goods that were produced locally started to be produced en masse in factories. People in small villages and towns distrusted these factory-produced products, so the manufacturers had to come up with a way of promoting familiarity with people who had never heard of their products. They began to label their goods with an insignia or logo to promote trust. Campbell’s Soup and Quaker Oats were among the first to do this. Ever heard of them?In the 1900s a man called James Walter Thompson began exploring trademark advertising. This man was the first to brand products as we know it, and soon businesses were using slogans, jingles and mascots to sell their goods to the public.Your Start-up Business And BrandingIt is easy to get carried away with branding concepts such as global branding, brand loyalty, or concept branding. These concepts are quite specific and will in all probability be no use to you, or won’t come into play until you have been established for sometime.So for the time being, let’s concentrate on what you can influence now. There are three elements to branding which are important at the start – up level and the good news is they are relatively cheap to implement. Developing brand values, a logo, and a strap line (sometimes called the tagline) will start the ball rolling in terms of branding.Brand Values And PersonalityLeading marketers concentrate on giving brands a personality and a set of values to live up to. This is because branding, as we have seen before, works on the subconscious level and makes an emotional connection with potential customers and clients. And this is why logos, adverts, jingles, and mascots stay with us whenever the brand or the brand’s strapline is mentioned. So for your business, try to work out a set of values and identify its personality. Sounds a bit challenging? Let’s look at an example.Innocent Drinks is the largest manufacturer of smoothie drinks in the UK. Here are their brand values:
Innocent uses green electricity at its headquarters, Fruit Towers
Innocent sources fruit from suppliers that look after their workers and the environment
All of Innocent’s bananas come from Rainforest Alliance accredited farms
Innocent donates 10% of all its profits each year to the Innocent Foundation, which funds NGOs in the countries from which it sources its fruit
Now, as you can see, they have very clear values that have guided the image of the company or, if you prefer, their brand. They appeal to people who are concerned about environmental issues and, because of the fresh fruit element, their health and wellbeing. As you can imagine, parents make up a large part of their customer base. Their values are also a statement of how they are going to run and conduct business, as well as telling their customer base what is important to them.Though people who do not care much for environmental issues aren’t really going to be influenced by the source of the fruit, people that are concerned about the environment will be, and when the latter group of people buy a smoothie, the Innocent Drink product will win every time.Your BusinessTo work out your brand values and personality, let’s look at how you want your customers or clients to feel after you have delivered. Write down the words that spring to mind; do not rush this process and add words as you think of them. Here are some examples:
Now write down some words based around how you don’t want them to feel after buying a product or service from your business. Examples may include:
Taking the good and the bad into account, write down how you are going to adhere to the first list and not the second. For example, if your business sells products online, your list may look like this:
Good, easy-to-use website
Delivered within two business days
Securely packaged
Money-back guarantee
Posted on the same day if order taken before 4pm
Easily contactable – good customer service
What you have created is your brand values. It is hard to imagine a person feeling anything negative towards your business if you work towards them.Brand PersonalityAs I mentioned earlier, branding works by making an emotional connection with your customer and client base. To do this you have to give your brand a ‘personality’, or human characteristics people can relate to. To work out a personality, is important to work out what kinds of people will be looking for what your business provides.Look at the chart below and take a few minutes and place an X where you think your business fits in. If your business builds robots, for example, then your X will be more on the left for Modern/Technology, but if you sell toys online it is going to be nearer Classic/Traditional.Friendly CorporateFast-moving StrategicModern/Technology Classic/TraditionalCutting-Edge EstablishedFun SeriousFor Everyone Specific AudienceIf you find your Xs are more on the left-hand side, we can see your brand personality is about doing things on the fly, which everyone loves. Your brand also wants to make a personal connection with its customer and client base, and due to the technological nature of the business, it is probably explaining new concepts to a wide audience.If the Xs are nearer the right-hand side, your brand personality is one of consummate professionalism and targets a specific audience. The chances are your products and services are very unique and will have a professional face.Once you have decided where your business fits in on the chart, not only have you established your brand personality, but you have also established your target audience, and this will dictate future marketing campaigns, together with the next two important elements of branding: the logo and the strapline.I’m going to share tips and resources for getting your logo and strapline created in Part 2 “Every Start-Up Business Needs A Brand Logo”.

Online Health Care Career Opportunities

Accredited health care degrees can be obtained online through a number of schools and colleges. Students looking to pursue a career in the health care field will be able to train for the career of their dreams at their own leisure from the comfort of home. Online courses in health care will vary depending on the level of degree desired and the educational program of enrollment. Students can receive the training needed to work in hospitals, clinics, private homes, outpatient care facility, and much more. With an accredited online educational program students can obtain a certificate or associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorates level degree.Online learning programs are available for students to enroll in an associate level degree program in health care. This level of degree program typically takes two years to complete. With a degree at this level students can train for careers in medical billing and coding, health education, health management, medical assisting, and many other professions. Coursework will vary depending on each student’s personal career goal and the school or college of attendance. Curriculum may consist of studying anatomy, chemistry, physiology, biology, and other relates areas of study based on individual career goals. An associate’s degree will give students the opportunity to enter the workforce or further education with a bachelor’s degree program.Bachelor’s degree training programs are available from a variety of accredited online educational programs. Students can obtain a degree of this level by completing four years of health care study. With an accredited bachelors degree training program students can obtain the knowledge and skills needed to find employment in health education, health sciences, public health, health information, and much more. Online learning programs allow students to study curriculum that pertains to the specific degree they desire. Coursework at a bachelor’s level will vary depending on each student’s specialization but may include medical charting, nutrition, consumer health, first aid, environmental health, behavioral sciences, and more. With a bachelors degree in health care students can enroll in a graduate degree program or begin employment.Graduate degrees in the field of health care can train students for a number of professions in two to four years time. Online educational program allow students to learn the knowledge to pursue the master or doctorate level career they desire. Students can study to become researchers, teachers, physicians, nurses, and much more. With accredited online programs available students can learn form the comforts of their own home. Coursework will vary depending on the level of degree and area of study but may include human health, computer technology, psychology, chronic and communicable disease, and other related studies. Online graduate degree programs can give students the skills to pursue the career of theirs dreams.Online studies allow students to gain knowledge in a number of areas in the medical field. By researching available accredited online schools and colleges that offer health care training students can enroll in the program that best fits their individual needs.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by PETAP.org.

Home Health Care Certification

What exactly is home health care and how do you enter this booming market? As indicated by its name, home health care is simply health care provided for those that require assistance in their home. It shouldn’t be confuse from basic home care, which does not account for the trained medical care that is provided.In most cases, simple home care involves meeting the day to day needs of your loved one, like shopping, cleaning and errand running, and is mostly provided by friends or family. On occasion a companion is hired to perform these tasks. In contrast, home health care is usually provided by a trained professional. This may be a nurse, a therapist, or a home health aide.To become a home health care professional, you will be required to receive some type of training. The training focus will usually center on home safety in regards to the patient. You will also receive training on how to deliver professional personal care, and how to properly use the equipment needed to assist those requiring home health care services.The training required for the various positions can vary from on the job training to more advanced training that requires certification or a degree. The largest organization that offers training for home health care certification is the National Association for Home Care and Hospice. They offer various certification programs.If you are in a current management position, you may want to become certified as a Home Care and Hospice Executive. If you want to receive a certification in the hands on training area, you can apply for the Home Care Aide National Certification program. No matter which certification you seek, you will need to re-certify every four years.For the home care aides, the certification process will involve three elements that you must pass. You must pass the Training portion, the Skills Demonstration, and the Written Examination. The training portion requires a curriculum of 75 hours. This training will give you the medical skills to become fully certified.The Skills Demonstration portion involves demonstrating competency in seventeen various skills. Demonstration of this competency comes from observation and documentation. The Written Examination is administered by the Home Care University. Obtaining your certification will ensure patients and clients that you are providing them with a higher standard of home care aide.Whether you desire to enter this field in a management position, or as a hands-on care provider, the home health care industry has an increased need for professionals in this field. Because of our aging population, the need is expected to continue to rise through the next ten years or so. Obtaining your certification in this area will give you a leg up on your competition.

Bespoke Shirts – What You Ought to Know About the Well Fitted Dress Shirt

For many shirt enthusiasts and shirt makers the fitted bespoke dress shirt means as much to the design of the shirt as the actually materials of the dress shirt. If you take a closer look you will notice time and time again that shirts are either not the right width along the shoulders or are very loose around the waist of many men.Unfortunately even if men are aware of this problem there is a general lack of fitted dress shirts in stores. To find the right mens fitted shirts there are a few options:1. If you have an athletic build there are shirts designed to enhance the look of your stature. Fits for this type of build are usually called athletic, slim, or modern fit. These fits come with a more narrow waist, chest, and hip area.2. Get a custom fit shirt. By getting a custom fit shirt you get a shirt that follows your specific dimensions. At some custom shops you only give your neck and shoulder measurements, however at fully customizable shirt shops all measurements are asked for or taken. Nine times out of ten the fit is better with the fully customizable shirt.3. You’re lucky. You have a body that fits perfectly into a standard sized dress shirt, but lets be realistic its is only a small percentage that are in this category. If you do, just pass any store and get your fitted dress shirt. Be careful though sizes change from store to store.Overview of FitsStandard Sizes: 6 out of 10* (fit rating)Cons:o Difficult to know which size is righto Often baggy around the waisto Sizing standards differPros:o Buy it right away in any storeAthletic, Modern, Slim Fit Dress Shirts: 7 out of 10* (fit rating)Cons:o Only suitable for slim or athletic bodieso Does not fit if one part of your body is slightly larger or longer than the normo May not give the optimal comfort if working in front of a computer a lotPros:o The best option for ‘ready to wear’ dress shirts if you have a slim bodyo Stylish fitHalf Bespoke Shirts: 7 out of 10* (fit rating)Cons:o Does not solve the problem of a baggy waist area. Not suitable for the slim man.o Does not always result in a correct shirt lengthPros:o Fits people with irregularly sized necks or long arms.o Better fit than the athletic fit for the non slim man.Custom Dress Shirt – tailored, made to measure, bespoke shirts: 9-10 out of 10* (fit rating)Cons:o The fit depends on how experienced the shirt maker iso Depends on the accuracy of taking measurementso Depends on the tailors taste of a well fitted dress shirtPros:o If you use a shirt maker that seems professional the fit of your dress shirt can turn out incredible.o These shirt makers often take more effort in delivering quality workmanshipo Every dimension of the shirt is made according to your body.o Other than taking body measurements one can take measurements from ones best fitted dress shirt. Resulting in a copy of the old fit.* Based on our experience with customersWinner: The Custom Fitted Dress Shirt Of these three types of fit we recommend getting a fully customizable dress shirt, also known as tailored, bespoke, or made to measure dress shirts. This kind of made to measure fit usually involves around 9 measurements of your upper body, but varies from tailor to tailor. If you are getting a tailor to measure you for your custom fit shirt, he will usually take care of it all and you don’t have to give it a thought.However, if you are measuring yourself for an online tailor, a written guide will tell you exactly how to do it. We have one of these on ShirtsMyWay.com. Do notice that how and where shirt maker’s measure can vary. Below you will find the basic 9 measuring parts.